Weathering the Storms of Life

Weathering the Storms of Life

For almost 33 years, I have been truly fortunate to be employed by the claims department of a Mid-Missouri based insurance company. (No, this isn’t a commercial, so I’m not mentioning their name). With decent pay, very good benefits, and some really fantastic co-workers, I consider myself lucky to have happened into this career just a few months after college graduation. But as anyone in the auto and/or property claims industry can tell you, storms can make things pretty hectic. As one of my former supervisors put it:  Job Security. It didn’t take me long to realize he was taking a challenging situation and describing it in a positive light.

Our lives are full of challenging situations, aren’t they? Does it ever feel to you as though you keep moving from one trauma to the next? Have you ever stood with your back to one mirror while holding up another little mirror in front of you, just to make sure you weren’t wearing a target? If so, I know the feeling! Truth is, I’m betting we all do.

Somewhere I saw a poster that said:  “Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” It struck me as simple, but surely true. It’s frustrating, aggravating, or even hurtful, when we feel disrespected or simply ignored, when–with little or no real effort–the same people doing these things could offer a listening ear, a word of encouragement, or a sincere smile.

Here’s a little poem, written by Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-1870):

“Life is mainly froth and bubble

Two things stand like stone

Kindness in another’s trouble

Courage in your own.”

That pretty much sums up my message, right there. Here’s to seeing things in a positive light. Remember, once in a while after the storm, we catch a glimpse of a rainbow!


photo credits:  “Storm Clouds” by Kelly Zimmerschied and “Double Rainbow” by Kendall Wills Sterling