Jesse Crain

Jesse Crain


Welcome to my site!  My first book The Road to Kidneyville – A Journey Through Diabetes, Dialysis, and Transplant, was published in September, 2013.  Soon after that I joined a booklover’s site:  www.Goodreads.com, and began an author’s blog there, posting weekly.  But a couple of things were missing:  the option to post photos with my words, and the freedom for readers to leave comments without having to join that site.  So here we go, with a new venture!  I hope you enjoy what you read here.  Please feel free to let me know your thoughts.

So, a little about me:  in addition to my new hobby of writing, I enjoy reading (a LOT!), my pets (currently two dogs, several cats, a horse, chickens, guineas & one pigeon), playing the piano (mostly Ragtime these days), researching genealogy, and visiting with my family. If I had a motto, it would probably have something to do with keeping an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

As for the “speaker” designation, that’s a recent addition to my repertoire, also.  To help promote awareness, understanding and dialog about the subjects, I’m available as a guest speaker for educational classes, support groups, and meetings to talk about Diabetes, Dialysis and Transplant. My programs aren’t lengthy, and I’ll do my best to get your group engaged in some meaningful discussion, hopefully with a little humor thrown in for good measure. 

For scheduling and arrangements, contact me here:

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photo credit:  Jennifer L. Martinez