So far, I’ve been really careful to stick to topics that are benign and (hopefully) not offensive to anyone who might be reading, and all-in-all that’s probably the best policy.  But after watching just a little dab of the six o’clock news this evening, I’m perturbed.  Those of you who know me well are already aware that I think so-called Political Correctness can often be taken to ridiculous extremes.  But there comes a point when I have to get out the ol’ Soap Box and just climb on up there.  Today is one of those days.

Without naming names or places or denominations, the situation is this:  two women were denied communion at the church they’d been attending for more than ten years (and where they were members and active participants) because when the mother of one of them died, it was printed in the newspaper obituary that they were “partners”.  The news was delivered to them just before the funeral service, during which the celebration of Holy Communion would be included as a part.  Surely it’s not just me thinking this was especially insensitive, if not downright mean.

I’m no preacher, and certainly no saint, but I try to live by the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.  Jesus said “judge not, lest ye be judged”, right?  It could be argued that I’m judging the religious leader of that congregation for a decision about which I don’t know all the facts.  The ladies in question were willing to speak for the news camera, while their (former) pastor was not.  And yes, they’ve now found another church to attend where they feel welcome.

(Sigh).  Why can’t we all just play nice?


  1. Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love one another. The measure you give will be the measure you get. We all need to open our hearts and open our arms to those around us.

  2. Do I think this was properly handled? No.

    But, also the Bible is clear that believers in Christ are to “judge; and to judge righteously.”

    The entire manner of this situation was wrong, unless the two involved were part of the writing of the obituary, in which case, they chose this platform themselves. Still the ‘church’ response seems to have not been following Biblical guidelines.

    The biggest problem with “political correctness”, in my opinion, is that it has left everyone tongue-tied. It is unacceptable to say something that is in opposition to the current worldly way. And, yet, as a believer in Christ Jesus, I am compelled to speak Gods’ truth in spite of the world’s present ‘acceptable’ standard. That is why believers ( and certainly church leaders!) must be well accustomed and familiar with ALL of God’s Word to the Body of Christ. So that we are ready, in season and out of season, to give God’s Word which is needed.

    I think “political correctness” has hijacked Jesus’ words when they are so ready to toss out “judge not” they need to read ALL that Jesus said to see that Jesus indeed came to judge this world, and if we truly love and genuinely care about people in this world, their lives here and MORE IMPORTANTLY~~their eternity….then we must declare God’s Word boldly, accurately, regardless of the personal cost to ourselves.

  3. Bj Friedly says:

    Jessie, I love you dearly, but, I simply do not agree with you on this. I agree with Jayne…I think the situation was not handled correctly, but, let’s take it a step further. Bear with me….it’s going to be lengthy. (Please understand that I am not debating the rightness or wrongness of the LGBT community lifestyle.) Let’s say that there is a worldwide chain of vegetarian restaurants. Let’s say that I had been frequenting one of those restaurants for about ten years and asking for and receiving a big fat, juicy beef steak, even though I knew it was a vegetarian restaurant and there was a great steak house down the street. Then, let’s say the owner of that steakhouse sent in a new manager and that manager said, “Whoa,this a vegetarian restaurant, has been for many years and we will not serve any more steak on the side, here.” Would I be upset? Maybe,but, maybe I should just go down the street to the steakhouse. What I’m trying to say is this: If these women have been attending a Catholic church for ten years, they had to have known what the Church’s position is on homosexuality. I think it’s wrong to break the rules and then ‘cry foul’ when you’re not allowed to play anymore. That’s not playing nice.

  4. BJ, glad you added your thoughts. I note that all three comments on this post so far have been logical and decent. Nothing hateful, and no name-calling. Everyone’s “playing nice” here, even though we don’t all agree. Thank you!

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