Unlikely Success

Unlikely Success

If you live, or work, or have travelled in West Central Missouri much, you’ve probably seen the subject of today’s photo.  Stationed like a sentinel along the south side of Highway 50 between Sedalia and Warrensburg, a tenacious tree spreads the canopy of its branches atop an old farm silo, catching the eye with its audacity.  It seems to defy the odds by its very existence.

Since moving to this area back in October of 1992, I’ve driven across that stretch of road countless times, and marveled at this tree each one of them.  How did it get started there?  How long had the roof been off the silo when it sprouted, or was there just a little glimmer of sunlight getting through somewhere that allowed it to grow? How many seasons did it take the trunk to stretch up high enough so that we could all see the valiant efforts made by what started as one tiny seed?

Apparently, my inquiring mind is not the only one to ponder these questions.  Type the words “silo trees” into the internet search engine of your choice, and you’ll find articles galore, from all across the country.  The Missouri Department of Conservation website’s archive has an article that mentions this specimen–and several others in the state–that was published in 1995.  If you’re interested, the link is here:  http://mdc.mo.gov/conmag/1995/10/silo-tree

I like to think of it as a lesson in perseverance; sort of a “Little Engine that Could” kind of story.  Seemingly insurmountable odds may not be as bad as we think.  That snarl of a problem that has you all knotted up inside probably has a workable solution, one way or another.  Remember that old joke about how to eat an elephant?  (one bite at a time!)  If you’re struggling with something today, look again at the picture of this tree. Deep breath.  Say a prayer. And just take the Next Step.

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