It’s All the Buzz

It’s All the Buzz

Amid the Springtime rituals of planning and planting a garden, oohing and ahhing over the procession of crocus, hyacinth, daffodil, jonquil and tulip blooms making their brief but spectacular showings, and possibly cussing over the mower and the tiller and the trimmer that aren’t sure they’re ready to emerge from their winter hibernation, arrive those perfectly pleasurable days when the fruit trees are blooming.  A good year means that no late ice storm or deep freeze or wind so strong that the blossoms get literally “nipped in the bud” occurs.  Thankfully, this appears to be one of those years.

Yesterday my friend Michelle was here.  We set metal t-posts in a 20 x 30 perimeter, stretched and secured 4′ high woven wire around it to keep the varmints out, and hung an old gate for the entryway to my new garden.  It has been several years since I’ve had a garden, and the truth is, I’m so excited about it I can barely contain myself!  Maybe it’s the strong farmer influence in my genetic history manifesting itself, but I’ve always felt somehow incomplete during those years without a vegetable patch.  Witnessing the growth cycle of the plants and enjoying the bounty of the produce is such an elemental pleasure, but a strong one that pulls me in, year after year, just as the orchard does.

After the garden perimeter preparations, we worked on refreshing the mulched areas underneath the two apple trees near the garden.  Both of these trees were here when I moved to the farm, and I’ve never figured out the specific types.  I just know that one gets yellow apples that stay fairly crisp and somewhat tart when ripened, while the other produces red apples with a softer texture and a juicy, sweet flavor.  It was interesting to note that the blooms of the “yellow” apple tree had more pink tint to them than the ones for the “red” variety.  What made the task of mulching so much less like work, however, was the amazing aroma of those apple blossoms.  The air around their branches was perfumed with a lilac-like sweetness, one of those smells it seems I can almost taste.  The honeybees were tasting it, or at least giving the impression that they were.  Michelle and I were careful not to disturb them, knowing that they were doing a more important job than we were.  After all, the mulch just makes it easier to mow around the trees, and helps to hold in some moisture underneath.  The bees, though, help in the pollination process that allow those blossoms to become the fruit for next Fall’s harvest, which is what it’s all about anyway.

So, here’s to the Buzz!  Do you have an orchard?  And what’s in your garden?



  1. white owl says:

    Beautiful post and photos! Wish I was there to smell the apple blossoms!
    My “city-girl” planter-garden contains herbs: oregano, rosemary, and thyme that made it through the winter, and fresh seedlings of sweet basil. Soon I hope to be composting my meager kitchen scraps, so that our household’s carbon footprint tips a little more to the desired direction.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Marilu May says:

    Good luck with your garden! I know you’ll have fun working in it and it will do well. It sounds so neat and I’m looking forward to seeing pictures you post of it. Your apple trees look so pretty too. What a nice treat to have them in your yard attracting all those lovely bees.

  3. Jesse, thanks for sharing the pictures!! Trees look beautiful.

  4. Lovely ! Ahhhh I can faintly smell those wonderful blooms Jesse. With this as well as all your writings you put me right in the midst of your words. I am a huge fan of you and your life shares. Take care. We are still wanting to come visit again someday hopefully soon. Hugs to the furkids for me.

    • Thank you, Glenda! I’ll look forward to your visit. Albert and Dot are running together once again, but Bindi is here to keep the cats and me in line.


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