Meant to Be

Meant to Be

June 13, 1954, was one of the hottest days anyone in the little town of Middletown could remember, for being so early in the summer.  It was also the day my parents stood up before God and Everybody, gazed lovingly into each others’ eyes, and said “I Do”.  It was the day they officially began the journey that has brought them to the present, and now they’re celebrating 60 years together.  What a milestone!

And you know what?  It’s just like the preacher says:  For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others . . . they’ve done all of that, and continue to do so.  Anyone who claims their life has been nothing but rosy and never a cross word has passed between themselves and their partner is either deluding themselves or lying, at least in my opinion.  A successful marriage isn’t built on a lack of conflict, but rather on working through the disagreements, holding each other up through the hard times, and loving each other in spite of everything that might get in the way.  It’s a partnership and a commitment, a devotion to each other by two people who just won’t give up.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Mother and Daddy, I am so absolutely proud of you both.  For the example you’ve set for all of us over the years, for the family life you provided, for the type of people you were, and are, and are yet to become.  Congratulations and Blessings to you on your 60th wedding anniversary, and beyond.

With love and respect,


photo credit:  Charlie May

photo credit: Charlie May



  1. Sheila Lynch says:

    Congrats to your parents! It is so special to see a couple who has succeeded in marriage for this many years. My parents made it 66 years. And, they too set a great example for my brothers and myself. Good times and bad, working through the tough times but always making sure we knew we were loved and knew we had the best they were able to give us. They taught us ethics, hard work, responsibility and to appreciate what we had to to “pay it forward”

  2. What a GREAT photo – I’ve never seen a picture of your dad that young! (He’s cute – no wonder your mom married him!) I love them both so very much – Each of them has been a great example to me in my life, and I’m sure to many others. I wish them many more years together!

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