Are You a Junkie?

Are You a Junkie?

Alright, it’s time to ‘fess up.  Everyone who knows they’re a Junkie, raise your hand.  Think you’re not?  Don’t make any bets just yet.  Pretty much everyone probably is, at least of the type I’m writing about today.  How many of you out there can truly claim to have no junk drawer in your home?  In fact, if you can limit the stash to one drawer, you must be pretty well organized!

In my house, it’s one of the bottom cabinet drawers in the kitchen.  Today when I tried to open it to look for something, the blasted thing got hung up by a small section of leftover plastic drain pipe (the kind that goes under the kitchen sink), which was sticking up just enough to wedge itself against the framework on the cabinet front and prevent the drawer from opening more than a couple of inches.  Grrr, don’t you hate it when that happens?!  And never having been a plumber (nor having been married to one), it’s not as though there are enough plumbing supplies hanging around here to dedicate a shelf or a box in the workshop to those items.  This time, however, I was aggravated enough to get a plastic grocery sack and pitch all the plumbing items I could see from the drawer into it.  It’s now hanging in the mudroom until the next time I traipse up the hill to the shop in the barn.  Since the son-of-my-house and the grandkids worked together to clean the shop out last summer, there’s a lot more space in there for storing things I may or may not ever need again.  At least it freed up a bit of room in the junk drawer so it’ll open and shut much better. . . for now, anyway.

Looking through a junk drawer can be a little trip down Memory Lane, though, if you’re not in too big of a hurry.  (Hah!  I hear you laughing; when do you ever open the junk drawer that you’re not in a hurry?  Good point.)  But just fish around in there for whatever it is that you’re hunting this time, and surely you’ll come across at least one item of sentimental value.  The extra hardware that came with the special-colored mini-blinds for your daughter’s room, for instance.  A hand pump for airing up the basketball, soccer ball, volleyball.  A single earphone that you used to plug in to that little transistor radio you hid under the pillow at night when you were 14 and couldn’t get to sleep when the folks said “time for bed.”  And–OH!–there’s that chuck key for the electric drill!

Now and then I get the feeling that my space should be in better order and that everything should have its designated storage spot where I’ll know exactly where to find it.  But then real life kicks in and sure enough, “where do I put this?” happens again.  Oh well.  There’s always the Junk Drawer.



  1. David Hardy says:

    So true about finding objects that stop you cold while straightening, sending you back in time… Makes it hard for me to accomplish much sometimes…

  2. My junkie confession ~ I have more than 1 and less than 6. I even go mobile hiding one in my car and…..of course always with….. over my shoulder when the others are not accessible, I seriously never have one out of reach.My name is Glenda S. and I’m a junkie.

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