Albert the Hunter

Albert the Hunter

Today was one of those rare, fine January days here in Missouri, when the sun comes out and the temperature creeps up and sitting on the porch swing during my lunch break is more temptation than I can resist.  But for my D.G. (that stands for Darn Good) dog Albert, sitting still was the last thing on his mind.  The 55 degree warmth paired with the pasture soil softened by melted snow had him all in a tizzy to hunt.  And once he’s on the trail of a mole, not even the offer of a homemade dog cookie can tear him from his task.  He worked this area today for almost two hours!  Since I had to get back inside to the desk, the final outcome is a mystery this time, except for the exhausted canine stretched out on my couch tonight with what looks like a satisfied, sleepy smile on his face.

And, since the temperature is now dropping like a rock once again, let’s hope Albert got enough of his favorite pastime to last him for a while.  After all, it is January!

To see a short video of Albert The Mole-Digging Dog in action, click here:

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